Marquette Scripture Project

Marquette Scripture Project Conference 2015

The Marquette Scripture Project is pleased to announce its first annual conference scheduled Saturday, March 28th. The event is free an open to the public.

Coming to Our Senses?

Theological Interpretation Today and the Four-Fold Senses

Schroeder Complex 112, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Saturday, March 28, 2015


8:30AM Registration

9:00AM Opening Remarks and Welcome: Dr. Michael Cover, Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Judaism, Marquette University

9:15AM  Typology and Allegory in Antiquity
Hans Moscicke, Marquette University
The Gospel of Mark and Typology: The Use of Psalm 118 in Mark 12

Weston Todd Smart, Wheaton College
Sacramental Hermeneutics: Origen and his Spiritual Allegorical Method

Paul M. Pasquesi, Marquette University
Transfiguration, Recreation, and Transformation: Fourfold Typology of Mysteries in the Memre of Narsai


10:45AM  Making Sense of the Literal
Gary Klump, Marquette University
Luther’s Christological Hermeneutical Circle

Paul M. Cizek, Marquette University
Wholly Human Text, Most of the Time: Karl Barth’s Account of the Biblical Text’s Literal Sense and Soteriological Function

Karen R. Keen, Marquette University
Is This Literal Or Is That Literal? Problematizing the Definition of the Literal Sense


1:20PM Modern Figures and the Senses
Rick Barry, Marquette University
Przywara’s ‘Better Philosophy’ and the Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture

1:50 PM Moving Forward: Retrieving the Spiritual Senses
Kyle D. Potter, Marquette University
Origenist Principles for Allegorical Preaching in a Post-Critical Age

Alexander H. Pierce, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Some Reflections on the Theological Requirements for a Retrieval of the Spiritual Sense(s) of Scripture


3:00PM Closing Plenary Session:
Mickey L. Mattox, Professor of Historical Theology, Marquette University
Neither Medieval nor Modern: Martin Luther’s Spiritual Exegesis


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