Marquette Scripture Project

Spring 2015 Discussion Series: Ethics, Interpretation, and Influence

The Scripture Project is pleased to announce our theme for the Spring 2015 semester: Ethics, Interpretation, and Influence. We will be conversing about a variety of ethical issues related to the interpretation and application of Scripture in variegated biblical texts, and how these texts are (or are not) applied in different hermeneutical frameworks. All of our meetings this semester will occur on Thursdays from 12PM–1PM in different rooms in the Alumni Memorial Union. Please see below for the dates, presenter, topic, and location:

February 5th: Gary Klump: “Inspiration and Affirmation: What does the Old Testament actually teach?”; AMU 380

 February 19th: Paul Pasquesi; “What is a ‘Sodomite’ to an Israelite?: Hospitality, Sexuality, and Rape in Genesis 18-19, Judges 19, and Ezekiel 16”; AMU 252

March 5th: Joe Gordon; AMU 252

March 19th: Paul Cizek; “Is ‘Biblical Ethics’ ethical?: a caution regarding ‘ethics’ language in biblical studies”; AMU 252

April 2nd: Dr. D. Stephen Long; AMU 252

April 16th Dr. Chan; AMU 254

April 30th: Karen R. Keen; “The Ethics of Scholarly Interpretation of Violence Against Children in the Old Testament”; AMU Henke

We hope to see many of you there, and look forward to vibrant and productive conversations.

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